Sondheim knew how to create DYNAMIC and MEMORABLE musical scores. Do you know how to create a Season Reveal Launch Plan like that?

  • Think Differently

    Merrily We Rollout! Season Reveal Launch Plan™ is a complete step-by-step program that prepares your theatre to announce your upcoming season.

  • Plan For Success

    You’ll learn how to create the strategy and process behind your theatre’s season announcement experience to maximize awareness, excitement and sales!

  • It's Our Time

    This *NEW* program sets the stage for the entire year ahead. Make it your most exciting season announcement ever. Maximize the power of smart, innovative marketing for your theatre.

Now You Know: The Course Curriculum

2 Instructional Videos | 11 Modules with Workbooks | 4 BONUS Resources! | Time Investment: 8-14 Hours

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    1. Workbook 1: Recap Last Season. Assess Current Situation.

    1. Workbook 2: Setting Goals

    1. Workbook 3: Outline Your Season

    1. Workbook 4: Set The Audience Strategy

    1. Workbook 5: Craft Your Season's Story

About This Course

  • $47.00
  • 17 lessons

It's Our Time. Breathe It In.

The season announcement is a most critical moment of the year for your theater company. This is your biggest opportunity to captivate the public's imagination, generate buzz, and dramatically increase awareness and interest in your theatre. Don't let the opportunity to maximize this time pass you by because you didn't plan.

Is The Merrily We Roll Out! Launch Plan Program Right For You & Your Theatre?

It absolutely is if any of these describe you:

  • You’re tired of doing your season announcement the same way every year. (If you're bored with it, imagine what your patrons think!)

  • You need to make an impact with your season announcement! Your board has said so. (They want a tune you can hum.)

  • You've never approached your season announcement with a strategy and plan in hand. ("Right. I know. Yes, me and Balzak.")

  • You're new to your job or to your theatre. You don't know where to start. You need a guidebook.

  • Competition is STIFF in your town and you absolutely must cut through the noise and make an impact this season!

  • You need to make fast cash timed with your announcement but don't know the right way to do it. ("Look. I like money a lot. I mean it's better than not.")

  • You don't have a lot of time but you have a lot of desire to succeed! ("We're following every star— There's not enough time!")

  • You love Theatre Marketing Lab programs and take them no matter what the topic may be!

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    Save 50% on a Launch Plan Consultation Session with Julie Nemitz. For 2 hours you'll review your launch plan, creative concepts, video edits, media strategy, sales strategy, you name it! However she can help you win with your Launch, Julie's there for you.
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  • When I'm done, what will I have accomplished?

    So. Much. You will have learned to think like a strategist. Like a copywriter. Like a project manager. Like a creative director. You will have created a content playbook that you can use for the productions throughout the season. You will have a sales strategy that gives your theatre the chance to earn money while announcing the season. You have the list-building strategy to grow your potential patrons, nurture them and get their butt in a seat! You will take away resources and new knowledge that you will use throughout the season!

  • How long do I have access to the program?

    Lifetime access. There is no expiration date! But we cannot promise the price will not significantly increase at any time. This introductory price will not last forever!

  • Can multiple people at my theatre access the program trainings?

    Only one username and password is issued to the purchaser of the program. But the components of the program are downloadable to any Google Drive or to the desktop of your computer so you can share the work. Better yet, you can collaborate on them in team sessions at your theatre. The more the Merrily!

  • What do I do if I have an issue with accessing any of the content or finding my purchase receipt?

    Please give the system up to 30 minutes to process and automate the payment next steps. Then check the email address you used to purchase the program. Be sure you check your SPAM folder. Then Check your JUNK folder. Then check your TRASH folder. Then check your PROMOTIONS folder. Our emails can end up in any of those places, unfortunately. If you still cannot find your access information, please email us at [email protected].

  • We are in a time crunch. How much time will this program take to complete?

    There are 11 Modules. They are all workbook style. We have every confidence that you can finish the program solo in 8-14 hours. If there is a team (2+) people working on it together, divide-and-conquer style, it can take much less time.

  • I definitely want to book your Limited Time Offer of 1:1 Launch Consultation Sessions. Is there a deadline for when I have to schedule them?

    There is not. We are offering a LIMITED NUMBER of 50% off 2-hour consultation sessions! When you register, the link you receive in the confirmation access will allow you to book your time with Julie whenever it is convenient for you and timed with your season. We want to be sure Julie can help you and your theatre at the most opportune time in your season planning cycle. Every theatre is different.

  • Why did you create this program?

    Julie has seen a clear need in the marketplace and after personally launching season reveals for years, mentoring theatres to do the same, and seeing so many missed opportunities with theatres across the globe, she reconceived a beta program from 2023 just for this purpose. "Sometimes you just need to be shown the way – step by step! We know all too well theatre makers are busy and robust marketing teams in local theatre companies are few and far between. After personally managing the rollout of over a dozen season reveals since 2021, I know what you can do to maximize marketplace attention and use online marketing to its maximum effect. The heart of this program is setting you up for success so your theatre can shine the light brightly and attract both your loyal patrons, casual attendees, and curious onlookers," said Julie recently.

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